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Susan and Wes Chapman have many past experiences that coalesce to make them a great team for Real Estate valuation.

In 2003 Susan began her career in residential valuation and started ACE Appraisals of Cape Cod in 2006. She has been appraising Cape Cod properties full-time from 2003 to the present.

Wes, a former builder and high school teacher, joined Susan in 2008 part time and in 2012 full time.

We became Cape Cod second homeowners in the 90’s because of Cape Cod’s beauty and the many water amenities offering a wonderful place to live and bring our family on vacation.

We moved to Cape Cod as year-round residents in 2002 because Wes was in home construction and there was a high demand for new homes on the Cape.

Since then, we have purchased vacation homes for investment purposes and have been engaged in the vacation rental market. Because of our love for Cape Cod, we made it the place for our home, family, and business.

At ACE Appraisals of Cape Cod Susan and Wes employ their experience, extensive training, knowledge, and analytical skills to give you the best valuation of your Cape Cod property.

Susan and Wes Chapman

Common Questions & Answers

Our purpose is not to sell you an appraisal unless you need one. Many people who call have another way to achieve their objectives without an appraisal. Appraisals are expensive and time consuming, so we do not want to waste your resources.  However, we are here to do an excellent job for you if you need an appraisal.

What is a residential appraisal and why do I need one?

A Real Estate appraisal employs a specific method of valuation that is accepted by government and banking institutions. This is a “Market Value” appraisal, and it is required by FNMA and most lending institutions.

Specifically, an appraisal compares your home or parcel of land against the most recent and similar sales to provide you with an “estimate of market value.”  A “Market Value ” appraisal is required by FNMA and most lending institutions.

Additionally, many private clients order appraisals for the purpose of protecting or utilizing the value of this important asset. Our primary dwelling is often the most valuable asset we own and therefore you want to maximize its value to you.

The most common uses for an appraisal are:

  1. Mortgage financing
  2. Estate settlement or planning
  3. Trust valuation or gifting
  4. An in-owner or private purchase
  5. Divorce or division of assets held in common
  6. Personal financial planning

Why are there different values for my house?

A different date of value and a different purpose distinguish assessment values from appraisal values.

  • The “mass valuation approach” of valuation used by assessors is intended to accomplish the aim of fairly distributing the town’s tax base.
  • The town’s assessment value cannot replace a “market value” appraisal.

Why should I use ACE Appraisals of Cape Cod?

As with any profession, up to date training, experience on the job, and competence with the specific task are keys to the best outcome.

Susan and Wes Chapman are the principals of the ACE Appraisals of Cape Cod and have been appraising full-time on Cape Cod a combined total of 30+ years. 

Since 2003 we have appraised single family homes, multi-family homes, investment properties, condos, and vacant land in Barnstable County, which includes all 15 towns of Cape Cod.

We only cover Barnstable County to ensure our expertise in each of the unique market areas of the Cape.

As Certified Residential Appraisers, we have the highest residential licenses offered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and remain current through annual continuing education courses.

We have a very long client list which includes all the Cape Cod banks, national lending companies, CPAs. attorneys, and many individuals.

We are happy to provide a reference upon request. 

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